About Moles and Mole Catching

The Mole population appears to have increased since Foot & Mouth in 2001 and since Strychnine was made illegal on 31st August 2006.

A 5oz Mole will consume 45 to 50lbs of worms and insects per year. Surface tunnelling can be dug at a rate of about 18 feet per hour! A mole can travel through existing tunnels at about 80ft per minute.

Moles are not nocturnal, but work a on approximately a 4 hour cycle - 4 hours sleeping followed by 4 hours digging/working. This means that in a 24 hour period they will be on the move for 12 hours.

Mole hills can appears very quickly and a single Mole can cover a large distance in a short period of time.

field of mole hills

Moles do not hibernate but they are more active between October to April. A female Mole will have between 3-6 young annually.

There is a greater need than ever for Mole Catchers as people are never sure where to turn when they experience a mole problem for the first time.

Trapping moles is the surest way to deal with your mole problem. Vibration and sound deterrents are not effective - moles quite happily live next to noisy main roads!

Please contact us for free and friendly advice on dealing with your mole issue.