About Me

My name is Ann Chippendale I was the first female traditional mole catcher in the UK to be registered on the British Traditional Molecatchers Register.

I live on a sheep farm in Clitheroe, Lancashire that has partly diversified.

My experience of mole catching started 20 years ago, I have only used the traditional way of trapping and the business has expanded more recently with demand. I use NO poison, NO chemicals and NO gas.

I am self taught with extremely good quick results (visible evidence for the customer, if required.)

On farms I walk many miles everyday laying traps and checking them, it is very time consuming. Many farmers just don’t have the time and the Moles soon get out of control. This is when they call the Lancashire mole catcher.

Field taken over by Mole Hills
A field where Moles have taken over.

I have a large catchment area in Lancashire and also travel into Yorkshire, around the Skipton area. As long as my fuel costs are paid for I will travel where I am needed.

If you want your mole catching quickly or just want to talk about your mole problems email or phone me for a friendly chat.